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Welcome to our new blog! We hope you’ll kick off your shoes, stay a while and read about our adventures in the product development trenches.  Why ‘trenches’? Well, firms like ours are on the front lines of the product development process for many of our clients. We are often privy to a lot of new and exciting technologies and products long before they are introduced to the general public. It’s about talented and dedicated people coming together to apply our experience, talent and skill set to solve complex problems. We do our best to provide the right solution for our clients.

However, it is a lot of hard work and sometimes we feel like it’s a slog. Things don’t always go as planned and that’s okay. We learn and we learn quickly. We don’t let our ‘oops’ moments affect the quality or timeliness of the work we deliver. This blog is hopefully a peek into what really goes on behind the scenes in a product development firm such as ours. We want to share the highs and lows, the ‘Yes!’ moments and the ‘No!’ moments. We want you to laugh/cry/celebrate with us and on occasion, learn a little too. This blog doesn’t speak for other design firms; we are quite sure they are much more professionally run and know when to keep their mouths shut!

Unfortunately, while we may bare our souls a little here, you still won’t be ‘privy to new and exciting technologies and products’. After all, we take our non-disclosure agreements very seriously!

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