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Creative Energy.

Technical Expertise.

Delivering Products You’ll Love.

We Connect the Dots so You Don’t Have To

We are a creative agency that effortlessly blurs the lines between design and engineering. Our expertise is in developing technology products. If you’re looking for a transparent, reliable partner to take your product from concept to market, we’re a great fit!

  • Design Research
  • Concept Sketching & Ideation
  • Branding & Identity
  • Product Packaging
  • CAD Development (SOLIDWORKS & PTC CREO)
  • Engineering Analysis & Documentation
  • Prototype Fabrication
  • Product Evaluation & Reverse Engineering
  • Certification Process Support (UL/FCC/IP)
  • Production Sourcing & Support
Product Expertise
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Commercial Electronics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Life Sciences
  • Health Care & Medical Devices
  • Wearables
  • Industrial & Automation Equipment
  • Electric Vehicles (EV)
  • Tooling & Test Fixtures
  • Lifestyle Products
Other Services
  • PCB Design & Layout*
  • Firmware Development*
  • iOS and Android App Development*
  • User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Design*
  • Patent Application & IP Support*

*In conjunction with our strategic partners

We Apply Design Thinking to Solve Complex Problems

Clandestine’s tried and tested process asks all the right questions, to deliver all the right solutions. Most times we say ‘Yes!’, but we aren’t afraid to say ‘No’ either. Our clients seem to like that about us. Our approach to the design process is always through the lens of a finished product, no shortcuts taken here!


Clandestine uses our successful research process to discover true customer needs and how they impact your product. We develop road maps that drive the decision-making steps, clarify product strategy and optimize the development process.


Clandestine specializes in high value and high-level creative services. We provide design and engineering solutions, advanced conceptual development and product architecture. The team excels at finding solid, reliable solutions to complex design and engineering problems.


Validating our design and engineering is an essential part of our process. We build prototypes, carry out design and engineering analyses, and run virtual simulations. We break things now, so they don’t in production.


Clandestine ensures that your product is engineered for ease of use, cost optimization and manufacturability. From forward-thinking start-ups to large corporations, we understand the different challenges our clients face. Our team helps launch your product by delivering solutions that ease the process.

What We Bring to the Table

Highly technical engineers who love design. Highly creative designers who (mostly!) love engineering. A highly skilled team who deliver great results to our clients.

Collection of lunch boxes


We thrive on solving problems. Clients approach us because we methodically analyze their product development issues and apply our design and engineering research to solve them. We investigate implementation of emerging technology, tackle growth and innovation issues within your company, create advanced concepts and develop product architecture for future product lines. We will work with you to understand your challenges and devise and execute a plan that will put you back on the right track.

- Design Research
- Ethnographic Studies
- Market Analysis
- Comparative Research
- Product Evaluation


We utilize all forms of rapid prototyping to best to demonstrate design intent and validate the engineering; from 3D-printing, to machined and cast urethane parts. We build minimally-viable products (MVP), Design Validation Testing (DVT and Engineering Validation (EVT) prototypes that are tested to ensure we stay true to the clients' vision for their products. Our prototypes are thoughtfully designed, informed by manufacturability and the assembly processes, so that you can get to production quickly when the time is right.

- Rapid Prototyping
- Appearance Models
- Fabrication & Assembly
- Validation Testing

Industrial design sketches of the Modulus remote

Industrial Design

Our team of multi-talented designers bring a diverse skill set and creative direction to every project. We pride ourselves in delivering simple and insight-driven solutions to complex problems. Our designers work closely with the engineering team throughout the duration of a project and swiftly deliver efficient design solutions that are centered around the end user.

- Concept Sketching & Ideation
- Form Studies
- ID Control CAD Design
- Color, Material & Finish (CMF) Design
- Product Rendering

injection molding room


Clients have come to us because they had pressing production issues that needed immediate attention. Occasionally, their manufacturing partners may hit a bump that is causing a bottleneck in the production process. We evaluate the challenges, review off-tool parts and suggest either design or process improvements that will keep production moving. We want your manufacturing partner to come out a hero.

- Production Sourcing (Domestic & Overseas)
- Vendor Qualification
- Part Sample Evaluation
- Process Improvement
- Cost Optimization
- Design-For-Manufacturability (DFM)
- Certification Process Support (UL/FCC/IP)

Stepper motors and gears

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers have years of technology product development experience and harmoniously integrate with our designers and electrical engineering partners. We may not admit it often, but we’re pretty good at working with marketing teams too! We know how to implement user-centric design that adheres to the product specifications while keeping costs within your budgetary requirements.

- Engineering Drawings & Documentation
- Bill of Materials (BOM)
- Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
- Reverse Engineering

Chopfit packaging graphics


Framed within the context of a physical product, we have the expertise to implement cutting-edge graphics to your project. From branding and logo development, to app UX/UI, and graphic treatment of hardware products, we ensure that the world knows who you are.

- Branding & Identity
- Logo & Artwork Development
- Packaging Design

A Consultancy Is Nothing without its Great Clients

Our favorite projects aren’t just defined by the products we develop; they’re also defined by the clients we work with. Working alongside people who have the vision and passion to improve the world pushes us to get better every day.

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