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As a way to thank our team for their incredible hard work, Clandestine hosts an annual company off-site and this year we decided to go to New York City! This trip allows our team to decompress for a few days, spend time learning more about art, design, engineering and architecture, and of course, eat a lot of great food!

Art, Design, Engineering & Architecture

No trip to NYC is really complete without exploring the art, design, engineering and architecture that the city has to offer. We made trips to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA, where we got to see mid century modern and art deco products including Le Corbusier’s LC2 and LC4 chairs, Marcel Breuer’s Wassily armchair, Isamu Noguchi’s fountain, as well as art from Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Edward Ruscha.

We also got to visit Helen of Troy’s (OXO, Hydroflask, Osprey) design studio, met their designers and engineers and learned about their design process. A huge thank you to Sunny Kim, Sr. Director of Industrial Design at Helen of Troy for accommodating us and giving us the tour! In an unplanned discovery, we also stumbled across the grave of Robert Fulton at the Trinity Church, which is also where Alexander Hamilton is buried. Fulton was an engineer and inventor of the steam boat, the first practical submarine, and some of the earliest naval torpedoes.


New York City is an incredible place to eat, especially if you love food like we do. While almost every meal was a hit, some of our highlights include Scarr’s Pizza in the East Village, Ravagh (Persian) and Sophra (Turkish)  in Midtown, Pastrami Queen on the Upper East Side and Gallagher’s near Times Square….not to mention hotdogs from the ubiquitous Sabrett’s carts all over Manhattan; just look for the iconic blue and yellow umbrellas!


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