MX3 is changing what’s possible for health diagnostics. This revolutionary platform is the first simple, reliable way to measure and track salivary and sweat biomarkers-anytime, anywhere.

The MX3 Pro System uses a saliva sample from the tip of the tongue to take lab grade measurements in seconds. Using the portable handheld meter, disposable test strips, and an easy-to-use app, teams, trainers, military personnel and OSHA managers can finally measure, track, and manage users.

Clandestine was approached by MX3 to develop their Hydration System Testing System. They needed a development partner who could translate their technology into a marketable electronic device. As their system uses disposable test strips to collect the saliva from the athlete, they also needed a dispenser that could deposit a single strip into the device, to minimize contact and ensure no cross contamination.

Clandestine started the project with a series of form studies and initial concepts. We worked with their electrical engineering team to package the custom PCB and batteries, and developed the test strip ejection system. The dispenser was a fully custom design that uses a novel mechanism to dispense only 1 strip at a time. We worked with MX3 all the way through production and product launch.


Hydration Testing System


MX3 Diagnostics


Form Studies
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Electronics Packaging
Packaging Design
Production Sourcing & Support

Industrial Design

  • Form Studies
  • Conceptualization
  • Color/Material/Finish
  • Product Graphics
  • Packaging Design

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical CAD Development
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Design-for-Manufacturability
  • Prototyping
  • Production Sourcing & Support