The Iron Neck 3.0 and Pro are the World’s #1 Neck Strength Devices. They provide users with 360° Rotation while training every part of the neck through isometrics. Since resistance is applied from a high lever point on the body, muscles throughout the entire kinetic chain are activated and engaged. This provides lasting pain relief by strengthening fatigued muscles using safe and effective therapy, treats muscle imbalances and prevents injury.

Clandestine was engaged to redesign the latest version of the Iron Neck Pro and were given a directive to rethink the entire product from the ground up. Starting with the sculpted main body and track, we also designed an innovative variable friction dial that gives the user the ability to adjust the resistance of the device. An innovative, integrated air bladder and interchangeable foam pads means that it is designed to fit users of all head shapes and sizes. In addition to product design and engineering services, we also did the packaging design, built numerous prototypes and sourced and supported the production process.


Iron Neck 3.0 and Pro


Iron Neck


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